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Vietnam travel | Vietnam's Hoi An tops UK travel magazine’s list of best cities

A leading travel magazine from the United Kingdom, Wanderlust, announced in late last month that central Vietnam’s historic town of Hoi An was ranked by its readers as their favorite city.

Hoi An achieved a 97.18 percent satisfaction rating from Wanderlust readers, based on their travel experiences between December 2011 and December 2012, beating out over 970 nominated cities.

Hoi An Town in the coastal province of Quang Nam, recognized by the UNESCO in 1999 as a World Cultural Heritage Site, finished second to Luang Prabang in Laos in the magazine’s poll two years ago.

This year, Peru’s Cusco finished second with 95.76 percent, followed by Japan’s Kyoto, Myanmar’s Bagan and Denmark’s Copenhagen, which earned satisfaction rates of 94.81, 94.55 and 94.17 percent respectively., Visa on arrival Vietnam

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News Agency quoted the magazine as saying that nearly 3,000 of its readers, who are among the most active travelers in the UK, participated in the survey.

Lyn Hughes, Wanderlust’s co-founder and editor-in-chief, told the newspaper that tourists thought Hoi An was a beautiful town with wonderful beaches and scenery.

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readers. Myanmar, also known as Burma, climbed three positions from last year’s ranking to secure the top spot this year.

Established since 1993, Wanderlust now boasts more than 100,000 readers from 112 countries worldwide.

Last October, Hoi An was ranked eighth among 10 Asian cities by over 46,700 respondents to a questionnaire for the 25th annual Readers’ Choice, Sapa tours

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held by Condé Nast Traveler, the world's premier travel magazine.

Some travel firms providing international cruise ship services said that the price increase would leave a huge impact on the number of tourists visiting Halong Bay as the bay was a favorite destination of cruise tourists. From this winter until early next year, cruise ships will bring thousands of tourists to Ha Long, Ha Giang tours

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After several months of decline, the number of international tourist arrivals in Vietnam last month jumped 61.6% year-on-year to reach 460,000, raising the total number of tourist arrivals in the January-September period to 4.85 million, up 13% from the same period last year, according to VNAT.

There’s nothing for cruise tourists to spend money on, firms complain that cruise tourists don’t have the opportunities to spend money in Vietnam since there are very few points of sales serving the special travelers.

According to Phan Xuan Anh, President of Viet Excursions, which specializes in receiving cruise tourists arriving at the ports in Vietnam and Cambodia, most of cruise tourists like buying local products. Since they travel on cruises, they have the places to keep the bought things for a long time. Unlike the tourists taking tours with other means of transport, cruise travelers are not afraid to buy many things.

Therefore, selling goods to cruise tourists could be a big source of income for the localities with great tourist potentials. However, Anh said cruise tourists tend to be choosy about the products they buy. Since they can go to different destinations during the same trips, they can compare the local products at different destinations in terms of quality, prices and packaging.

Also according to Anh, there are three classes of cruise travelers.

Those who take short term tours,
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the cruises with the capacity of 1,000 passengers or more are the ones with medium or good income. They like buying souvenirs and the things with small sizes, durable, packable, which would be given to friends or relatives as gifts. The souvenirs’ prices should be reasonable. Halong bay cruises Therefore, the valuable fine arts and handicrafts with big sizes and heavy weights would be,
Ha giang vietnam

The topography of the province of Ha Giang is fairly complex with "temperate, but highly localized montane weather patterns create variable conditions among different regions". It has impressive limestone and granite peaks and outcrops. Ha Giang's complicated topography is divided into three areas. The area on the south has rocky mountain, separated rivers. Ha giang vietnam The west area has sloping mountain side, high pass, valleys, and narrow springs. The low land area includes hills, valley of Lo River, and Ha Giang City. Ha Giang has many beautiful mountains, with high peaks such as Tay Con Linh with 2.419m high, many forests with a lot of precious wood, up to 1,000 kinds of rare medicinal plants.

by the travelers. They would prefer T-shirts, bags, small handbags, tablecloth or small lacquer products.

The second group includes the tourists booking long term tours (15-20 days) going on big cruises with high end services. Most of the tourists are middle aged and they regularly go with family members. The travelers tend to spend money on high end branded goods. They, be willing to pay for luxurious clothes, branded handbags and cosmetics.

They can also go directly to luxurious shops to choose fabric and have their suits tailored. Especially, they would spend money on the paintings made by famous painters.

These prove to be the travelers who have the highest spending levels at the destination points. They also choose the best products and use the best services at luxurious restaurants.

The third group comprises of the old tourists, aged over 65, who travel around the world during their trips. The travelers don’t like going shopping, while they would only pick some souvenirs.

Director of a travel firm has also noted that local people cannot grab the opportunities to sell local specialties to cruise tourists, simply because the sellers don’t understand the travelers well.

In many cases, local products remain unsalable just because of very odd reasons. Bee’s honey in the Mekong River Delta, Go Den liquor in Long An, or My Tho loyal jelly all have high quality, but they, Ha Giang tours, Ha Giang tours. Travel agencies cancel tours due to high Ha Giang tours / While the long holiday, which ended yesterday, was expected to be a bonanza for local tour organizers, many of them in fact had. be sold well just because of the unreasonable packaging. The director said that though travelers like the special products, they cannot bring the products with themselves because the packaging may cause inconvenience to them.

Anh has noted that the cruise’s crew could be the big buyers if they can find the things they want. In general, a cruise with 2,000 travelers would be, Sapa tours, Sapa tours, Visa on arrival Vietnam, hoiantravel, Vietnam visa online, Information and Communications inspectors punished four websites using the domain name for granting visas illegally. by the crew of 1,000 people. They always like buying things for their families or for reselling. Filipino crews, for example, like lacquer pictures to resell then they dock at Manila ports.

Ha Long tourist boats must be painted in white

The authorities of Quang Ninh province have decided to paint all tourist boats in Ha Long Bay in white, despite boat owners’ disagreement.

According to the provincial People’s Committee, all tourist boats must have white color and brown sails. Those with dragon heads are permitted to paint the dragon heads by traditional color. As of April 30, 2012, boats which are not repainted will be not licensed to operate in the bay.

An official from the local Department of Transportation said that this measure aims to strengthen state management over tourist transport activities in Ha Long Bay, and to make a facelift for tourist boats after Ha Long Bay is recognized as one of the new seven natural wonders of the world.

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